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Goals for September 3rd through September 9th

 Not feeling the monthly goals, so we got this: 


Lift weights 3 times Failed - did it once
Walk 6 times in the morning
Candy only 1 times Failed - did this 3 times
Wear nice clothes on days I “work”

Save $50
Have budget agreed upon by Jess and I
Eat out no more than 1 times
No comfort food bought at store

Play 40 hours Failed - Played 0 hours
Study 10 hours Failed - did 8 hours

Read 1 book Failed - about 50% through a book, read a lot of short stories though
Write 5 blogs Failed - 2 blogs
Write 6 hours Failed - 2.5 hours
Write 1 random piece Failed

Go to Dentist Appointment
Clean house 5 times Failed - did it 4 times
Organize office Failed
Take 4 Instagram photos Failed - 2 pictures

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