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Impossible List

This is a list of things I want to do.  Some of them will happen sooner than others.  Things will get added to this list and things will get deleted from this list.  Right now, these are the things I am striving for though.  All of my goals will be based off of these and I will refrain from making individual goals posts anymore.  Everything I do will be towards making these a reality. 


Run a 5k in 15 Minutes
Run 1.6k in 10 minutes
Run 1.6k in 8 minutes
Run 3.2k in 20 minutes
Run 3.2k in 16 minutes
Run 5k in 35 minutes
Run 5k in 30 minutes
Run 5k in 25 minutes
Run 5k in 20 minutes
Run 5k in 15 minutes

Do a treflip on flat ground
Do an ollie
Do a backside 180
Do a frontside 180
Do a shuvit
Do a popshuvit
Do a heelflip
Do a kickflip
Do a treflip

Stand on 1 foot for 5 minutes (left and right feet)
Stand for 1 minute
Stand for 2 minutes
Stand for 3 minutes
Stand for 4 minutes
Stand for 5 minutes

Go Skydiving

Go Cliff Diving


Become a 1KNL Regular
Become a 5NL regular
Become a 10NL regular
Become a 25NL regular
Become a 50NL regular
Become a 100NL regular
Become a 200NL regular
Become a 400NL regular
Become a 600NL regular
Become a 1KNL regular

Make $30,000 in a month
Make $3,000 in a month
Make $5,000 in a month
Make $7,500 in a month
Make $10,000 in a month
Make $15,000 in a month
Make $20,000 in a month
Make $30,000 in a month

Get 12,800 Monthly Views on my Blog
 Get 50 montly views
 Get 100 monthly views
 Get 200 monthly views
 Get 400 monthly views
 Get 800 monthly views
 Get 1600 monthly views
 Get 3200 montly views
 Get 6400 monthly views
 Get 12,800 monthly views 

Get 10,000 followers on Twitch
Get 5 followers
Get 10 followers
Get 25 followers
Get 50 followers
Get 100 followers
Get 200 followers
Get 313 followers
Get 625 followers
 Get 1,250 followers
 Get 2,500 followers
 Get 5,000 followers
 Get 10,000 followers 


Get a savings of $10,000
Save $1,000
Save $2,000
Save $4,000
Save $8,000
Save $10,000

Pay off 100% of My Non-Student Loan Debt
Pay off 20%
Pay off 40%
Pay off 60%
Pay off 80%
Pay off 100%


Attend the WSOP

Attend SXSW

Attend VidCon

Attend Chinese New year in Shanghai

Travel to 15 Countries with Jess
Travel to 5 countries with Jess
Travel to 10 countries with jess
Travel to 15 countries with Jess

Travel to 50 states with Jess
Travel to 10 states with Jess
Travel to 20 states with Jess
Travel to 30 states with Jess
Travel to 40 states with Jess
Travel to 50 states with Jess


Read 1,000 books
Read 100 books
Read 250 books
Read 500 books
Read 750 books
Read 1,000 books

Write 1,000,000 Words in blogs/books/other substantial works
Write 100,000 words
Write 200,000 words
Write 300,000 words
Write 400,000 words
Write 500,000 words
Write 600,000 words
Write 700,000 words
Write 800,000 words
Write 900,000 words
Write 1,000,000 words


Complete All Khan Academy Math Sections
Complete Pre-Algebra
Complete Algebra Basics
Complete Algebra
Complete Basic Geometry
Complete Geometry
Complete Algebra II
Complete Trigonometry
Complete Statistics and Probabilities
Complete Pre-Calculus
Complete Differential Calculus
Complete Integral Calculus
Complete Multivariable Calculus
Complete Differential Equations
Complete Linear Algebra

Complete Khan Academy Physics Courses
Complete one-dimensional motion
Complete two-dimensional motion
Complete forces and newton’s laws of motion
Complete centripetal force and gravitation
Complete work and energy
Complete impacts and linear momentum
Complete moments, torque and angular motion
Complete oscillations, mechanical waves and sound
Complete fluids
Complete thermodynamics
Complete electric charge, field and electric potential
Complete circuits
Complete magnetic forces, magnetic fields and faraday’s law
Complete electromagnetic waves and interference
Complete geometric optics
Complete special relativity
Complete quantum physics

Complete Khan Academy Grammar Courses
Complete Parts of Speech
Complete punctuation