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Projects on Projects

I only managed to get one article up over the past two days, because I was working on another project.  I have taken to recording and editing a podcast for the baseball league that I am in.  This episode happened to be really long and a bit trickier to edit than previous episodes.  The interview we had needed more heavily edited than past one.  Also, the audio levels were a bit out of whack, so it was a bit of a challenge to make sure that everything sounded good in the end.  Overall, I don’t think I am thrilled with it, but we will see how it turns out when people actually listen to it.  Either way, that took about 6-8 hours to actually edit and get posted.  Way too much time doing that, and not nearly enough time doing other things.

The other thing that caused issues today was that our little rodent decided that eating through my internet cable was a fantastic idea and that I didn’t need internet on my computer.  I was more than a bit annoyed.  I decided that I need to go wireless and avoid this issue from happening again.  This is the 4th or 5th cable he has eaten through, and I just don’t want to keep replacing them every time he decides he gets hungry.  It’s really not worth the time and effort to keep doing it.

The wireless adapter I picked up at Best Buy would not work well for the first 1-2 hours I was playing around with it.  Once I gave up on trying to trouble shoot it and just decided that I was going to buy a new one, it decides that it wants to work.  I have no idea why, but I guess I am not going to complain.  I’m keeping a close eye on the speeds that it says I have and will be making sure that things remain satisfactory.  Hopefully it stays working though and I have figured out a good enough solution for now.  My other options are much more expensive and not something I am wanting to do all that badly.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that I need to have happen on a daily basis to make me happy.  I’m not really ready to share that list yet, but I have found a couple of really interesting things while doing my research and thinking about it.  In some ways, what makes me happiest and unhappiest are almost the same thing.  What I would think wouldn’t really matter to me, actually matter more than I would guess that they do.  It’s a really odd feeling overall, but I guess that’s just kind of how things are.  We rarely notice what the small things in our life are until we are forced to really look at it.

I love having chairs out on my deck.  I’ve spent a little bit of time each day out there, either just enjoying the weather or listening to a podcast while I take a break from writing or editing the podcast.  It’s been really nice to have that place to escape to that is so different from the house, yet is so easy to get to.  I think that it would likely rank second on the list of things I enjoy most about the new place we live.  The ability to just escape the house so easily is amazing.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like walking around, and now I have an option to get that fresh air, but not always be walking somewhere.

Tomorrow I really want to get a lot of things done.  Now that I have that podcast done and out of the way, I really want to get going on a few other things.  I want to get two articles written, I want to get some poker played and I want to go for a walk.  It’s a pretty tall order of things that need to be done, but I think I should be able to get it done.  I think I also have to go shopping at some point with Jess.  The shopping thing I am trying not to think about too much, because I really don’t enjoy it, but got to get things done that need to be done.

I think that’s going to be it for now.  I feel rather tired.  So, time to get off to bed and then start the day off right tomorrow. 

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