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It's alive!

A lot has changed since last time I wrote, most notably that I started working at Target.  Why did I start working at Target?  I’m not really sure.  I walked in one day to get food for Renshi and saw that they were hiring seasonal staff.  I decided to apply since they had someone handing out applications.  I think got an interview that day (after waiting like 1.5 hours) and then offer a permanent job in electronics.  I decided to take it, because I really was feeling out of sorts overall and hoped that it could help focus me a little bit better.

Overall, I have to say that it’s done a great job of helping me focus on things.  I’ve worked out more, played more league and overall just been happier since I have started working.  I’m not perfect, that’s for sure, but I am doing a lot better.  I have some goals for what I want to do with my money, mostly surrounding paying things off.  I have a few fun things I want to get, but I think saving and paying off the debt I have is going to feel way better than anything else.

One thing I do plan on doing is saving up money for Jess to buy a few things she has been wanting.  She doesn’t know this is part of the plan, but I want to do that.  We have not been tight on money for a while, but we also can’t spend it however we want really.  All the money I make is going towards things, because we can easily live on just what she wants to make.  So, I have some pretty big plans for some of the extra.

Overall, I plan on staying long enough to make enough to spend about $12k.  I was pretty aggressive with my deductions, so I get to keep a pretty large chunk of my paychecks.  Since I know I can only make a pretty small amount before hitting my cap for the year, I figured I wouldn’t really run into tax issues by not having them take a 0 from my checks in terms of dependents and what not.  This is also going to allow me to make sure we have enough to pay the tax bill at the end of my loan forgiveness which is going to be a pretty big bill (but, I also think I might be able to get a decent amount of it waived, because of some forms I found while poking around the IRS website.)

I decided to take the Target offer even though HR Block also called me back about going in for another season.  I thought about it for a little bit, but after working at Target for 2-3 days I realized that the stress and ease of job is going to be a lot less at Target than what I experienced while working for Block.  In reality, it was a pretty easy decision and despite that crap that happened the last two shifts, I am perfectly fine with my decision.  I won’t get into what happened the past two shifts until next post, because that’s a tangent for another day.

I have some things I still want to get into doing over the next couple of weeks, but my hours worked per week has been between 25 and 40, so it’s a bit hard to plan some things, because I just don’t know how much free time I have.  Also, we went to a wedding in Jefferson City last weekend which took two days out.  Lots of stuff going on right now.  This week, I work 32 hours and most of those days are days Jess doesn’t work and I have off days she does work.  So, the plan is to workout, play some poker and play some league.  I’m hoping by beginning of January I am working 3 days a week and can just plan stuff around that kind of schedule.  That would really be optimal.

The job itself is so easy that I feel like I can do stuff before and work and after and not really feel like I am taxing myself.  Each day I have done at least some stuff on the bookends of work and don’t feel ill effects from it at all.  I do feel a bit more tired than I would have 5-6 years ago, but that’s kind of expected when you get older.  Your body just isn’t able to really bounce back like you want it to.  I also need to start eating better, I’m pretty sure that would help a lot.

Anyway, I think that’s going to be it for now.  Glad I got back to writing at least something.  I’ve not slept a lot in the past two days, so time to catch up a bit on that.

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